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A new video library service for selling, pitching and presenting with authenticity in mind

Powering innovative presenters

A new era of connecting.

Record and upload videos of your presentation, pitch even reports, and get comments and feedback from your teammates and the public (you choose!).


Save time and money

Reduce unnecessary meetings requiring everyone to be present. We help everybody to easily upload their thoughts and share them with the relevant people only.


Actionable feedback

Every video can be rated using a set of structured feedback customised to your use case. Perfect for implementing a set of processes with actionable metrics.


Safe-zone to upload & share

We reduce speaking anxiety by providing safe-zone for small teams with tight access control to view and share the videos. Videos can be promoted to larger teams to get more constructive feedback.


Build a library for the future

All videos are stored and organised neatly for future view. Maybe as examples for the new employees or new speakers. People may come and go, but their videos with their knowledge stay.

Deliberate practice in practice.

Get Sandwich believes in deliberate practice to improve communication.

As an individual, upload your presentation video and track how you’ve improved over time.

Start raising the bar of communication with Get Sandwich.


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