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About Our Team

Our empower people to speak better through their peers

The Fillings (Our Management)

Martha Winata

CEO, Co-founder
Martha Winata has been a member of Toastmasters, an international public speaking and leadership organisation since 2009 and went on to win the 2017 Scandinavian Evaluation Speech Championship.

Passionate about public speaking and with encouragement from friends and family, in 2017, she started Get Sandwich, an online public speaking platform to train speakers using videos.

Min’an Tan

CTO, Co-founder
Min’an likes to build things, putting stuff together and making it work. Before Get Sandwich, he was a build engineer, backend developer and frontend tinkerer.

Peter Rodger

Peter was born in the UK and has lived in Sweden since 2009. During that time, he has run his own company providing translations and proofreading services.

Peter draws on his academic background in biosciences and his personal background in theatre to help speakers analyse their speech’s content to increase its efficacy as well as providing direction on how to improve delivery. He is also a qualified teacher of English as a second language and has given workshops on pronunciation.

Our mission is to democratise communication skill

Smorgasboard (Our Board)

Grant Calder

Grant Calder is an American from New York City, who has been living and working in Stockholm Sweden since 2000. He has twenty-five years of experience in founding and managing entrepreneurial companies, sales organization management, international negotiations, management consulting, public speaking, organizational training and executive & career coaching. He is on advisory boards for academic, philanthropic and business organizations.

Tony Friede

Tony Friede is an American who has been living and working in Sweden since 1996.  Originally from the telecommunicatons sector, his background is in systems architecture and CRM platform design.  An entrepreneur and management consultant since 2007, Tony brings a human-centered approach to corporate and technical leadership.


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