Asking for feedback for the first time

Getting Started

You’ve delivered a presentation, now it’s time to ask what others think about it.

What to do before asking for feedback

Think through what kind of areas you would like to focus on for the current presentation. Go through the Presentation Type, the Audience and the Description fields and change them if they are not suitable.

Your presentation will always get rated on ratings set by the admin of your team. Below is the default Get Sandwich rating as examples only:

  • Purpose. How well do you follow the general purpose of the talk? For example, if it’s a presentation to inform, is it informative?
  • Content. Is the content compelling? Would the audience rewatch the presentation for a second time?
  • Structure. How well the audience follows your points.
  • Voice. How well does your voice to create more variety in the delivery?
  • Body. How well do you use gestures, gaze, movement and stage presence?
  • Authenticity. Does your delivery feel honest and original?

Additionally, three optional fields are provided to specify things for you to keep, change or put other comments. For people who are registered on the platform, they will also be able to upload videos as their feedback.

Who to ask for feedback?

Anyone who shares similar demographic to your target audience, or someone who knows how you can improve further in your public speaking skills. Don’t forget that although most people aren’t speakers, they have been long-life listeners as an audience (this include your mother too!).

When to ask for feedback?

You can ask feedback as you are delivering your presentation and this is why you can create a presentation on the platform without a video being uploaded on it. Additionally, once you have delivered your presentation, you can upload the video and ask for more feedback, for instance from people who were not in the audience at the time.

Which button to press to ask for feedback?

To do this, go to the Presentation page itself, and click “Ask feedback”.

You have two options, either asking feedback via email or via a short URL. Both can be done without having any video uploaded on the presentation.