Get Sandwich and Klarna working together to elevate salespeople into best-sellers

Get Sandwich and Klarna working together to elevate salespeople into best-sellers

Today is an exciting day for Get Sandwich! We are letting the world know a big step we took a few months ago and it involves one of Europe’s largest banks.

In this link you can see Breakit’s report about the announcement, and the full press release you can read here:


Get Sandwich and Klarna working together to elevate salespeople into best-sellers


Get Sandwich Speaking AB, an innovative public speaking video platform, today announced it is collaborating with Klarna Bank AB (Klarna), to deliver a next-generation sales training collaboration platform. Get Sandwich is the first video library to offer support for Klarna’s result-focused methodology. The partnership complements Klarna’s rapid growth, with the goal of supporting its sales workforce every step of the way.

Get Sandwich is a video library for teams to sell with authenticity. The collaboration between Klarna and Get Sandwich  began in September 2017 when Klarna identified a need to provide more hands-on tools to their sales workforce.

Get Sandwich’s video platform has provided Klarna sales workforce the ability to learn, collaborate and update each other through their mobile, whenever and wherever. Now, Klarna Sales can get rich in-person feedback without the need of setting face-to-face meeting.


“Complex selling has become the norm for us,  and as we grow our business globally, we seek innovative solutions to onboard and grow our people faster. We are delighted to have Get Sandwich to help us meet this training need.”, says Filip Lam, Klarna’s Learning and Development Manager. “Get Sandwich has demonstrated what it takes to work in the same pace as we do; At lightning speed”.


“We have learned so much from working with Klarna in the last few months. Their dedication to provide world class training for their sales workforce is second to none, and it inspires us to do better everyday.”, says Martha Winata, CEO of Get Sandwich. “We think they’ve made the right choice and we’re excited to see future collaborations stemming  from this partnership.”

Get Sandwich went online on February 2017 with an official launch on December 2017. It is fulfilling a need for reducing anxiety of public speaking in selling, pitching and presenting. It provides constant feedback so that people can be better at their field and what they do.

It was started by a couple as co-founders, Martha Winata, and Min’an Tan. Martha is an Australian and Min’an is a Singaporean but they have been calling Stockholm home in the past 4 years.


Each team in Get Sandwich has a private secure zone to record their speaking practices, where in turn, they will be evaluated through a mix of structured and semi-structured metrics, resulting in vast improvements within a very short period of time.


For further information, please contact

Martha Winata




About Klarna

Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden with the aim of making it easier for people to shop online. Klarna is now one of Europe’s largest banks and is providing payment solutions for 60 million consumers across 89,000 merchants in 14 countries. Klarna offers direct payments, pay after delivery options and installment plans in a smooth one-click purchase experience that lets consumers pay when and how they prefer to.


About Get Sandwich

Get Sandwich offers a new and better way for teams to sell, pitch and present with authenticity. Founded in 2017, Get Sandwich is used to help scale team’s high-performing excellence. All speaking practices get recorded and mined for constructive peer-to-peer feedback. Customers include, TEDxStockholm, SUP46 and Toastmasters clubs in stockholm.

2 secret ingredients for a memorable research talk | Nancy Kanwisher [Video]

2 secret ingredients for a memorable research talk | Nancy Kanwisher [Video]

Nancy Kanwisher’s TED talk from 2014 has been watched by over a million people. It’s a good example of how to make information heavy, research talk accessible to the general public.

Although the talk is not that long, less than 12 minutes, it’s packed with newsworthy information you can easily recall next month if you happen to talk about brains in the pub. Dr. Nancy starts the talk with a strange phenomenon of people not being able to recognise their own children, inviting people’s curiosity to listen more. She then wastes no time and jumps directly to a video of a guy being experimented upon.

Prior to playing the video, she explains what you are about to see. This is the key to success.
Her explanation prepares you for what you’re about to see. So that when you watch the videos, you never wonder what the words on the screen mean, and the connection between her as a speaker, and you as her audience was never lost. Never in the talk, that you feel she has abandoned you for showing random pictures or videos on her slides.
This is the key to success, in one word, it’s control. She’s in control, and you feel safe under her lead.

All videos on her slides are so integrated with her words that it feels like she’s drawing the parts of the brain with her colour pencils as she speaks.
When you have a research-heavy topic, the best you can do is to rely as much as possible on images and analogies throughout your story, and even better, animate those pictures as videos and show them directly on the slides. Embed them all to reduce the chance of any technical problem. You will then make the ingestion of ideas so effortless. When it’s easy to digest, people’s recall ability increases.

Note that she doesn’t do much to set up curiosity, the flow of the talk was carried through simply by her smooth control of the pace and the animations on her slides. When you need to speak to inform, try to make your slides as interactive as possible, and don’t underestimate what can be done using videos, even without much dialogue. Pictures are more powerful than words.

A word of caution though. The moment the audience feels that the speaker is not in control and that they are just watching a series of random photos, the enchanting spell will be broken. You need to always know why you this information is important. Otherwise, you won’t wait until the last word before you check your twitter feed. There are plenty of videos there, too.

So that’s it everyone, to do a good research talk, pay attention to control and animated slides. If you like this video, please click like so that more people will see it and subscribe.


Watch the talk itself here:

Increase your sales growth with new InPerformance + Get Sandwich

Increase your sales growth with new InPerformance + Get Sandwich

Having a successful salesforce is essential for any business, but growing your sales team while maintaining excellence can be a real challenge. Onboarding new salespeople is not only time-consuming but also very costly, especially if you are juggling between motivating your salespeople to sell more and getting your best salespeople to share and teach their best tips and tricks. We think it’s important to provide you with help and guidance from some of the very best sales coaches in the Nordics. We’ve partnered with InPerformance to do just that. InPerformance focuses on answering the questions of what motivates your sales team, based on thorough research and decades of experience in the field. Together with InPerformance, we can blend the best of personal coaching for performance and the best way to present your products and your companies using videos. Check them out on, they include Get Sandwich as one of their tools in the arsenal. Contact them if you’d like a bundled service from us.   Below is Lars Vonheim, the CEO of InPerformance talking fondly about Get Sandwich.