Increase your sales growth with new InPerformance + Get Sandwich

Increase your sales growth with new InPerformance + Get Sandwich

Having a successful salesforce is essential for any business, but growing your sales team while maintaining excellence can be a real challenge. Onboarding new salespeople is not only time-consuming but also very costly, especially if you are juggling between motivating your salespeople to sell more and getting your best salespeople to share and teach their best tips and tricks. We think it’s important to provide you with help and guidance from some of the very best sales coaches in the Nordics. We’ve partnered with InPerformance to do just that. InPerformance focuses on answering the questions of what motivates your sales team, based on thorough research and decades of experience in the field. Together with InPerformance, we can blend the best of personal coaching for performance and the best way to present your products and your companies using videos. Check them out on, they include Get Sandwich as one of their tools in the arsenal. Contact them if you’d like a bundled service from us.   Below is Lars Vonheim, the CEO of InPerformance talking fondly about Get Sandwich.

Day 1 – Get a free sandwich. Join our waiting list for a free account!

This post is part of a series called “The Month of Free”. Join the waiting list to get invites to free accounts on Get Sandwich.

Who wouldn’t want a free sandwich? I do, you do, everybody does.

We’ve worked hard to make Get Sandwich available for free. If you join our waiting list, we will send invites to be the first to login on the 27th of June. Tell your friends about this so that they will be able to benefit too.

Get Sandwich allows you to practice and rehearse your public speaking and get feedback easily. One of the best ways to improve your public speaking is to watch a recording of yourself and to get feedback on it, and Get Sandwich makes it easier than ever to do both.

To celebrate The Month of Free, we will publish two weeks worth of valuable guides on speaking as part of the countdown to the free sandwich. The topics will cover:

  • How to know what your audience is thinking even before meeting them
  • Speech creation process, should you write your script in full?
  • The ultimate shortcut on appearing confident (what do you think it is? :D)

We will publish these posts on our blog here, the Sandwich Press starting on Friday. If you’d like to get it directly in your inbox, please subscribe by joining the waiting list.

We hope this will be useful for your public speaking journey, let us know in the comments what other challenges do you face when practising your public speaking!

10 Emoji Combinations for Table Topic Impromptus

10 Emoji Combinations for Table Topic Impromptus

The world loves emojis, and we can’t seem to get enough of them. What started in Japan in the 1990s, got picked up by Apple and since then, Emojis went viral. New emojis get so much press, and emoji becomes the first universal language. You can speak emojis in Spanish, and it’s the same with speaking emojis in the Philippines, how useful! These little faces are so trendy that famous people race to have their faces immortalised as emojis.

So if you have an impromptu or table topic session coming up, ask the participants to tell a story about these emoji combinations below.


Tell a story about…

The list of emojis below has been handcrafted by yours truly. Every single line should conjure up some ideas!


Can you think a story for all ten of them? Have fun!

Our journey starts here

After a successful campaign to get people to join Get Sandwich for our alpha program, we are opening the platform for the first time on 15 Feb. The sandwich shop will be open for business and we are grateful we have 20 fantastic people who have supported us throughout and have made the platform possible. Thank you 😀

This launch represents a big milestone for Min’an and I. We’ve started working on the idea from August 2016, and after five months of hard work and about 35 customer interviews, this is what we have produced:


Home page of the platform at present, running on test data.


As to what we want Get Sandwich to stand for, we felt that it should help people find their voices, whether that be in face-to-face public speaking sessions or online videos. Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s important to have the skill to be able to tell it best, for each and everyone involved.

Our journey starts here and now.

PS. Get Sandwich registration is currently closed, but if you’d like to join us in the future, email me on martha at or join our weekly newsletter to get future announcements.


(Image via Elizaveta Pronina ©2016)