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Who wouldn’t want a free sandwich? I do, you do, everybody does.

We’ve worked hard to make Get Sandwich available for free. If you join our waiting list, we will send invites to be the first to login on the 27th of June. Tell your friends about this so that they will be able to benefit too.

Get Sandwich allows you to practice and rehearse your public speaking and get feedback easily. One of the best ways to improve your public speaking is to watch a recording of yourself and to get feedback on it, and Get Sandwich makes it easier than ever to do both.

To celebrate The Month of Free, we will publish two weeks worth of valuable guides on speaking as part of the countdown to the free sandwich. The topics will cover:

  • How to know what your audience is thinking even before meeting them
  • Speech creation process, should you write your script in full?
  • The ultimate shortcut on appearing confident (what do you think it is? :D)

We will publish these posts on our blog here, the Sandwich Press starting on Friday. If you’d like to get it directly in your inbox, please subscribe by joining the waiting list.

We hope this will be useful for your public speaking journey, let us know in the comments what other challenges do you face when practising your public speaking!