Giving feedback for the first time

Getting Started

This article is part of a five-part series to get you started on using Get Sandwich. The previous article in the series is how to ask for feedback for the first time.

What to do before giving feedback

Giving feedback is simple, but powerful. Giving feedback has the ability to help someone else tremendously, and to hurt one too. It’s therefore very important to know what kind of feedback will be considered helpful by the speaker.

Feedback should be both honest and thoughtful, with the best interest of the speaker to improve his or her next presentation.

Check the note from the speaker if you get one, and if you have access to the speaker, ask him or her directly. When that is not possible, check the the Description field. The speaker may have left some information on what areas they want to get feedback on.

How your rating will be used

Your rating will be used to compare the speaker’s own speaking journey, and therefore it’s important to indicate what you like and what you don’t like. If you think for example, you can’t come up with a reason why the voice is good, then rate two stars “it’s ok”. It means that the speaker still has a lot of ways to improve, and that feedback alone is well worth your time!

What you should not do when giving feedback

Do not rate all ratings with the same level of ratings, either all five stars (or five “awesome” emojis), or fours or all ones because it does not really help the speaker. If you really have to, then please explain your feedback on the free text fields or on a feedback video.