How to get feedback on a new presentation?

Frequently Asked Questions

In this guide we will teach you how to:

  • how to create a presentation, 
  • how to create a link to ask for feedback

How to create a presentation

Start with pressing the Create button on the top left corner and select Presentation.

The file to upload is optional, so you can create an empty presentation just for the purpose of collecting feedback.

How to ask for feedback

When you are in the Presentation Details page, select the Ask for Feedback button.

You can select whether you would like to invite members or someone outside the team.

If it’s members, you just need to write their name, and the link will get emailed to them. 

If it’s for someone outside the team, you will need to Generate Sharing Link. Once you have the link, you can insert any email address, where we will send the link.

You can add expiry date to the link if you want to limit access to the talk at later stage.

If you need more help, check out a video tour of the feature here.

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