How to get feedback on several presentations in the same event?

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have multiple presentations and you want to collect feedback on them from the same audience, it’s easier to use one public link that you can share with everybody in the audience.

This article will explain how you:

  • Create an event
  • Add the presentations to an event
  • Create a public link to invite others to give feedback

If you just want to share a presentation, have a look at a simpler way on how to get feedback for an individual presentation

Create an event

An event is a placeholder where you can gather multiple presentations. If you are an admin, you can create an event as below. If you are not, then you can look for existing events or ask your admin to create a new one for you.

You can add presentations to the event or create new presentations altogether.

To get the URL to be shared for feedback, you can select Generate Sharing URL on the event.

If you need more help, check out a video tour of this feature.

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