How to reduce my video file size?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our devices get more and more powerful every single year. New phones have the capability to record full HD videos, but it does not mean you should because it will take a long time to upload and it will use your internet quota extensively.

Apps to use to reduce your video file size

If you are using a mobile to record yourself

We would recommend using filmoraGo (Free on Android and iPhone). It’s a great little app for trimming your video and export it to a lower size. You can use it for a lot of other things like sending your mother a birthday video with some music (don’t forget to do that this year 🎂).

If you then download the video to your laptop, please read the laptop section below.

If you are using a laptop to record yourself

We recommend iMovie or Quicktime Player for Mac, and Movie Maker for Windows. Both applications come pre-installed, you should find them if you search on your computer.

What settings should I aim for?

Aim for lower resolution such as 720p, it will be much easier to upload, and you won’t miss much for the purpose of improving your public speaking.
If you use Movie Maker, saving the video using the recommended setting “for computer” would be fine for example.

If you want to upload longer videos, please contact us.