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Get actionable, personalised feedback from quality coaches who fit into your schedule.

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Access examples to help you make and rehearse your presentations.

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Understand what kind of speaker you want to be, where you are now and what you need to do to get there.

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No matter who your audience is, Get Sandwich can help improve your presentations.


If you want to win competitions, then our coaches have been there and got the certificate


When speaking to groups with specialised knowledge, it can be useful to get feedback from someone who is one of them. Our coaches have backgrounds within academia and know how to get your message across


Talking to the technically minded? Many of our coaches work within the field and know just how to communicate with such an audience


Planning on speaking at a marketing conference? Our coaches know how to speak to both creatives and analysts within the world of marketing


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Industry pricing for coaching is high and can easily be a barrier to taking that first step towards being a great presenter.

At Get Sandwich, our model of online coaching, means we can charge 75% less than our traditional competitors whilst our use of technology maintains the standard and efficacy of our coaching.

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Hundreds of people around the world have already made Get Sandwich their starting place to being a better presenter.

The exercises from the coach themselves were good and build up the presentation in a step-by-step way. Also the recording of the rehearsal process was fantastic. Linda Marie

Science Presenter

I just love what my coach does. Although I was not as committed to submit task, giving regular updates about my speech still helps a lot. I enjoyed his comments and feedback. Looking forward to learn from more coaches.

Nikhil Khan

Toastmasters Presenter

My coach provides a helpful structure for giving feedback. It was intuitive when I first started and he is flexible enough when I want more detailed feedback.

Anastasia Boreira

IT Presenter

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