NEW Timestamp Info and Pauses for Writing Script

When writing script, you can now see the estimated time when the line will be spoken given an average time. To help with accuracy, you can now enter how long the Pause is expected to be.

Note that the timestamp does not progress whenever Headings are listed. Only Spoken lines and pause make the timestamp moves.

NEW Print as Handout

You can now print the Delivery page in a nice format and bring it to an offline meeting.


  • Add information on who can see the feedback before adding the feedback


  • You can upload a custom image or choose an avatar as the Team Logo

  • Manage Members page has been ported to a new front-end framework. It’s more user-friendly than before.
  • Sharing a Delivery is now one-click

  • Various navigational links added to increase usability

Bug Fixes

  • Typing a non-existent URL now does not return a blank screen, instead it asks you to go back to Home.
  • On Profiles, chart showing ratings from previous Deliveries is now working again.