Release 0.9.4 and later

Release Notes

Released 3 Oct 2019

NEW Customising Feedback Preset ratings for Individual

Feedback presets were previously only for Team Admins. Now it’s customisable for everyone.

You can view the team presets under
Settings > Manage Preset > Team Presets > Customise this Preset

Create a new preset altogether and add any ratings you fancy. You can select an existing rating to customise, or …

Create a completely new rating to be added to your new preset.


  • When writing scripts, stats such as how long is the speech is always visible no matter how long the script is
  • Make to be secured SSL https pages.
  • Various navigational links to improve usability

Bug Fixes

  • [Safari only] Fix missing sidebars on Manage Team
  • On Give Feedback page, team name and logo are now displayed at all times


📦 Release 0.9.5

Released 30 Oct 2019


  • When selecting feedback preset, the name of the presets is now displayed on two lines so it’s clearer to read easier to select.

Bug Fixes

  • [Safari IOS only] When giving feedback, rating descriptions now appear as you click on ratings emoji.
  • When writing scripts, the cursor is only visible on Edit mode. It prevents unwanted edits to be accidentally saved.