[NEW] Script Narration Toolbar

Sometimes it’s easier to hear what you’ve written through another person’s voice instead of your own. We created a new script narration mode to help you review and edit your scripts so that it’ll take you less effort to prepare for your presentation.

To try out this feature, go to My Presentations > Scripts and pick any script, or you can create a new one.

When the script is not being edited, you can see the Script Narration Toolbar at the top of the screen.

You can see it in a close up view below.

Press Read Out to let the narrator read your script out loud from the beginning. Note that it will only narrate the spoken lines. If you don’t have any spoken lines, Edit the script and mark the spoken lines as Lines (Spoken) to indicate which lines will be spoken by you. 

Pressing on any of the timestamps in the margin or any of the Lines (Spoken) will trigger the narrator to speak it out loud.

The rest of the toolbar is designed to speed up or slow down the narration.

For example, you can either press the Fast Forward icon or change the Speed directly:

You can change other settings by pressing the dots icon on right to change the narrator’s voice and pitch. Note that the voices available will differ based on the device you are using to narrate; your mobile phone will probably have different voices available compared to your laptop.

An additional setting Play Next Line can be switched off to make the narrator stop at the end of the current line instead of narrating the next line.

[Better] Booking Scheduler

To book a coach, we’ve improved the booking scheduler workflow by reducing the number of steps needed. As a Client, the booking now proceeds as soon as you press the time slot you desire.

As a Coach, you can set your working hours and designated calendars directly from within Sandwich.

To try this feature out, go to your Coaching Portfolio > Calendar Details.
Recurring Working Hours sets limit to the hours you want to make available for coaching.

The choice for Designated Calendar dictates where the coaching session event will be created when a Client books you for Coaching.

Any calendars you select as a Synced Calendar will be considered when showing your availability to clients.

[Fixed] Remember the last team visited

If you are a member of several teams within Sandwich, it will remember your last visited team and load it up when you log in next.