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What we’re building

Sandwich Coaching is an online video coaching service to help presenters to talk more confidently, avoid embarrassments and reduce their anxiety.

Why Public Speaking?

Public speaking is not just for people who give keynote speeches at conferences; it’s for everyone.

Pitching an idea, motivating a team or simply introducing ourselves to a new group of people all require this skill.

Being a memorable public speaker means you can take your audience on whatever journey you want; towards inspiration, hope or understanding (to name a few).

You can be a memorable public speaker and we’re here to help.

How can Sandwich Coaching help?

Sandwich Coaching serve as your audience representatives to help you create a presentation that has a lasting impact on people.

Our coaches come from varying background such as IT, Science, etc. All of us are active members of Toastmasters and therefore are well-versed in giving you delivery tips.

Book your first 30 minutes with our coaches.

Step 1

Have a talk with a coach to set a goal

Step 2

Analyse what are the top areas to improve

Step 3

Rehearse frequently and be accountable to the coach

Step 4

Deliver the your best presentation to date

No more guessing…

If you’re excited about saving a lot of exhausting work (and avoiding a lot of junk info) to become the best presenter you can be, we hope you’ll enter your email so we can drop you a line (and some discount) as our service is ready to roll on 1 Feb 2019.

About Us

Get Sandwich is the best place to start making your presentation. It’s created by presenters for presenters.