To celebrate the upcoming release of Avengers Infinity Wars, we’ve compiled for you a list of top 7 awesome quotes from past Avengers movies you can use in your next presentation.

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Number 7

On number 7, we have a quote from Loki, I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.

You can use this quote to answer the most common question “Who are you?”. Especially if you have trouble in breaking the ice and feel somewhat awkward explaining what you do, saying that you are Loki of Asgard is also a very Loki thing to do, don’t you think?


Number 6

The next quote comes from Bruce Banner: That’s my secret, Captain: I’m always angry.

Use this quote to help describe that you’re always ready to jump on opportunities to solve a problem, or to get going, or to do anything necessary to get the job done.


Number 5

We have Hawkeye this time: We’re fighting an army of robots, And I got a bow and arrow.

You can use this quote for a climactic point in your storytelling, when things seem to be hopeless. Like a project that’s overdue, or the team gets overwhelmed.


Number 4

Ironman is on number 4: Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk. 

You can use it when explaining something ambitious. In terms of placement, this quote is versatile. Use it almost anywhere in your presentation, in the beginning, middle or end.


Number 3

This time we have a quote from Black Widow. Romanoff says Now, go be a hero.

If you’re ending a presentation, and want a strong call to action, this quote is perfect for you.


Number 2

On number 2, we have Ironman again. Loki says I have an army, for what Tony Stark replies We have a Hulk.

Best to use it if you’re presenting only one example for explaining your point. This quote highlights that you’re presenting a very good one.


Number 1

And for the number 1, it’s the classic line from the first Avengers movie. Captain America: Stark we need a plan of attack!
Tony Stark/Iron Man: I have a plan. Attack! 

Use this quote on a standard presentation structure when you have two sections such as Planning and Doing. You can describe what a project should be, and then talk about how the project unfolds in reality.
Introduce the Doing section with this quote will make your presentation much more engaging.


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