“I don’t think there is, at the moment, any platform which supports public speaking in the way GetSandwich does.”

With Tatjana Rebesa, Loki Toastmasters


Loki Toastmasters



Stockholm, Sweden


Area of interest

Public speaking

Hi, my name is Tatiana. I work as a pricing manager in an international cosmetics company. I have been a member of Toastmasters for three years now. I have been on the board, and now I’m just a member of Loki Toastmasters club.


One of the greatest things about Toastmasters is that you get a lot of feedback from the audience. The usual way we do it is with little paper slips. At the end of the speech, you have quite many of them. So if you’re a member of Toastmasters for a while, at home you will have a big bucket full of little pieces of papers. Sometimes you don’t know from which exactly the speech it was or who exactly provided feedback. Therefore, you cannot have a consistent point of view of your speech.


At the end of the speech, everyone has their their phones and then we go to the GetSandwich platform by inserting the code. Then we can see all of the speakers from this meeting, so you just click on the speaker and then it has a specific part in it evaluate.

I found this rating system is one of the most helpful thing because it guides you through making sure that you don’t forget all of the important parts about the body language, about the vocal variety and so on. It’s especially helpful to get feedback from people who come for the first time who’s not that experienced in public speaking and especially in evaluations. It helps you to get started in providing feedback.


I think the team of GetSandwich is amazing. It is full of exciting people which you want to be involved in.


I don’t think there is, at the moment, any platform which supports public speaking in the way GetSandwich does. So it’s a place which is to collect the feedback to provide the feedback but it’s also creating a community around it with quite experienced public speaking. It’s really helpful for everyone starting as well as people who have some experience to push your limits.

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