Toastmastering, simplified

Running a Toastmasters club can be stressful, but the process doesn’t have to take so much of your time.

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“I don’t think there is, at the moment, any platform which supports public speaking in the way GetSandwich does.”

Tatjana Rebesa, Loki Toastmasters

“GetSandwich is all about making feedback easy and efficient.

Now I spent so much less time working on collecting feedback and it’s much more convenient.”

Taras Kucherenko, Stockholm International Toastmasters

Easily support every member’s development

Collect actionable feedback

No more vague feedback. With GetSandwich, all of your members can and will benefit from evaluating and providing feedback on the speakers. We use an easy-to-use rating system that is customisable to your club.

Upload videos or audios

Extend the life of a speech more than the 7 minutes. Upload videos or audios from the meeting for newer members to learn from. 

Focus on progress

Map your club’s common track using GetSandwich Program. You can see all progress made by members and how far are they from completing a track.

Are you ready?

GetSandwich is free for all Toastmasters clubs. Tell us your club name and its website to get started.