What are the roles available in Get Sandwich?

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Sandwich for Teams have four different roles.

  • Presenter. They are able to login to the system, and upload presentation but can only see their own presentations and the related feedback. They cannot see other people’s presentations in the team. 
  • Member. They are able to upload their own presentations and see their own feedback. They are also able to see everyone else’s presentations and feedback within the team. They can see Main Stage, Back Stage and access to the Library.
  • Admin. They are able to upload presentations and give feedback as other members. Additionally, they can add new member accounts to the team.
  • Owner. They are able to do everything that an Admin can, as well as adding other Owner. They can handle billing and subscriptions.

If you are an Owner or an Admin in the team, you can find Manage Members under the drop-down box on the very top-left corner of Home.